Zellie's provides the best xylitol gum & mints for a healthy mouth. We have 4 gum flavors and five mint flavors.  Available in 3 different sizes.  Helps prevent cavities, promotes a healthy mouth, safe for diabetics, non-gmo.

Selling Feature:  Most xylitol per piece

Total # Of Stores: 501-1,000

Total # of States:  50

Total Number of SKUs: 29

Top Seller: Peppermint Gum Blister

Sells: Direct, Broker

To request sample/info click

To request sample/info click

Selling Feature:  High Quality Ingredients

Total # Of Stores: 501-1,000

Total # of States:  10

Total Number of SKUs: 15

Top Seller: Clover Honey Sticks

Sells: Direct, Broker, Distributor

Our products are made with the highest quality ingredients and made in the USA by a family owned small business.  Our honey sticks are preferred 5 to 1 over the leading competitors.  

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