Decadent gluten free brownie and blondie, no way you can tell they are gluten free and really once you eat one, you will never go back to gluten again!


Location: Brooklyn, NY

Type Of Sale: Direct, Broker

Payment Accepted: Net 30

Ships To: All US States

Distributor: Ingenuities

Estimated Shipping Time: 3-5 Days

Ships:  UPS

Special Offers:

UPC:  Yes

Marketing Materials:

Certifications: Minority Owned, Women Owned

Claims: Gluten-Free, Natural

Number of SKU's: 2

Top Seller: brownie & blondie

Shelf Life: 2 weeks once defrosted

Minimum Order: 1 case - 48 pieces

Split Cases: Yes-By 2 Flavors

Number of Retail Stores: Less Than 100



freedgoodsco BIO

freedgoods was started by stephanie, a former corporate lawyer, turned stay-at-home mom, turned small-business woman. stephanie's love for baking started when she was a little girl learning her grandmother rose’s recipes. many of  stephanie's best memories relate to times they spent baking together. as she grew, so did her passion for baking...especially brownies!


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