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Welcome to the Gosto Prize Book!

What Are Gosto Points?

Gosto Points are your gateway to exclusive discounts and offers on a range of brands. Think of it as a loyalty program, but instead of earning points through purchases, you earn them through engagement and feedback.

How Do Gosto Points Work?

For Retail Buyers:

  1. Sign Up for Free: Create a free account and receive a 100 Gosto Point bonus to kickstart your journey.

  2. Browse the Gosto Prize Book: We offer five different discount tiers, each with its own set of perks. You can spend your Gosto Points to unlock these discounts.

  3. Redeem and Order: Use your redeemed discounts to place wholesale orders directly with the brands.

  4. Request Samples: Not sure about a product? Use 2 Gosto Points to request free samples and additional wholesale information.

  5. Earn More Points: After receiving samples, you'll get a survey asking for your thoughts. Completing this survey earns you more Gosto Points.

  6. Periodic Surveys: Keep an eye out for additional surveys about your store, buying preferences, and more to earn extra points.

Discount Tiers:

  • Tier 1: Free shipping on any order. Costs 3 Gosto Points (3GP).

  • Tier 2: Free shipping on your first order. Costs 3GP.

  • Tier 3: 10% off your order. Costs 4GP.

  • Tier 4: 25% off your order. Costs 7GP.

  • Tier 5: 50% off your order. Costs 10GP


For Brands:

  1. Join a Tier: Brands can choose to offer discounts in any or all of the five tiers. A minimum of 10 coupons must be offered in any chosen tier.

  2. Sample Requests: Brands are charged $5 per sample request. If a sale is made following the sample, an additional $10 is charged.


Why Gosto Points?

  • Direct Billing: All orders are billed offline by the respective brands, allowing them to collect revenue directly.

  • Value-Driven Sampling: By "spending" Gosto Points for samples, buyers are more likely to value and pay attention to them.

  • Feedback Loop: Brands and Duo Marketplace get valuable insights through buyer surveys, while buyers earn more points

Step-by-step guide to Gosto Points

New to Gosto Points? No worries, it's a breeze to use and fun too! Just follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Start by selecting one of the five discount Tiers. Each Tier offers different levels of discounts on various brands.

Step 2: Take your time to explore the brands available within the Tier you've chosen. We've got a wide range of options for you!

Step 3: Now, here's where your Gosto Points come into play. You can use them in two ways:

  • Option A: Spend your Gosto Points to unlock a special discount and then go ahead and place a wholesale order for that brand.

  • Option B: If you're not ready to commit, you can also use your Gosto Points to request samples and get more information about wholesale opportunities.

Step 4: Want to keep the good times rolling? Simply go back to Step 1 and do it all over again!

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions!

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