The KETOFIT bar is packed with nutrients in the exact ratios of fats, proteins and carbohydrates required for the Standard Ketogenic Diet. The ingredients are organic, no GMO's and gluten free.  The bar is compatible with the diabetic community.  These bars have been made to be versatile, they can be blended with coffee for a ready to go bulletproof.  It is the only true keto macro specific bar on the market of this caliber.


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  • Ketofit was started by Anthony J. Lefrancois in 2019 as a result of several injuries.  Having briefly heard of the ketogenic diet, I started experimenting with it. It was a learning curve, but when I was on point with my macros, I was sold and knew this lifestyle was for me. I went to the healthfood stores to look for ketogenic products but found there were none. So I decided to create a Ketogenic nutrition bar that would suit me and my needs and hope others would end up liking it too.

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