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Watch How It Works!

The Duo Sample Station  is a revolutionary way to introduce potential customers to your  products.  It's like an in-store demo without all the time, expense, set up/tear down, tracking, and worrying! 

Brands provide free samples for customers to try-right from our Duo Sample Station located inside a retail store.

Using our FREE Duo Sample App, customers log into the Duo Sample Station  by scanning their member code.  Then, as customers pick FREE samples, the app tracks what they are trying.   Customer can rate the products they try, get coupons, discounts and special offers and use the app to find where the products are located in the store!

Store owners receive reports on samples tried so they can track how effective the samples were on sales.

Brands get reports on how many samples tried, how many were liked, what customers liked and didn't like about the product .  Plus they can reach out to customers who liked their product right through the Duo Sample App!


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