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About Us

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Andrew Aliemeke, President

Andrew A. Aliemeke is the President Duo Marketplace LLC, a groundbreaking database-driven eBrokerage for Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) products with nationwide reach.

- Experienced in database programming and design, Andrew's career has been marked by a strong affinity for innovation and information technology.

- With certifications in database design, including Oracle PL/SQL, Andrew possesses exceptional attention to detail.

- Andrew's background in the banking and insurance industries has honed his skills in both technical expertise and customer service.

- Impressed by his expertise and customer care, Duo Marketplace personally offered Andrew a role, and within three years, he rose to become the President.

- As the President, Andrew bridges communication between brands, buyers, and the sales team, while also overseeing the design and automation of the company's CRM system.

- Andrew's impact has been significant, with his efforts streamlining sales processes, automating tasks, and reducing data entry time.

- He has implemented detailed buyer surveys that improve communication and information management.

- Andrew's innovations in tracking and reporting systems have empowered brands with valuable insights and simplified reorder processes.

- He values teamwork and collaborates effectively with the talented individuals at Duo Marketplace.

- Andrew's dedication to his family fuels his drive to excel, striking a balance between hard work and enjoying life's rewards.

- He envisions Duo Marketplace as a global leader in leveraging data and technology to revolutionize product brokering.

- Andrew's journey is influenced by mentors such as Carol Guerin, Doris Smith, and Fred Larkins, who have shaped his work ethic and principles.

- His leadership and commitment to excellence drive Duo Marketplace towards unparalleled success in the eBrokerage industry.


Andrew A. Aliemeke's relentless pursuit of innovation and dedication to providing value for brands, stores, and consumers continue to shape the future of Duo Marketplace, propelling it to new heights in the digital era of product brokering.

Jim Watkins, Chief Experience Officer

•25 years’ experience in B2C and B2B product design and research

•10+ years of design management experience

•Client list includes Microsoft, Amazon, Alaska Airlines, Intel, Capital One, Providence Health System, Getty Images and University of Washington

•Created design strategy and V1 user experiences for five successful startups over 10 years (2013–present)

•Design experience spans 15 different industriesl

Some of the retailers we market to.

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