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Gosto Sample System

The Gosto Sample System is an innovative, cost reducing method to send your product samples and wholesale information to buyers at retail stores. 


It utilizes the proprietary Gosto Sample Stacks,  an inexpensive, sanitary, easy way to send samples to retail buyers.










Gosto mails you Gosto Sample Stacks and heat sealable bags.   












Simply put a bite size sampled piece in the bag, heat seal, then place in Gosto Sample Stack.  The Gosto Sample Stack can fit up to 3 bite size pieces.  Put a label with your info on the blank space of the Gosto Sample Stack,  then mail the Stack with your sample and your wholesale info to the retail buyer.   The cost of sending a sample to a retail buyer should be less than $8 all in.

Gosto Sample Stack

Gosto Pod In Hand.png

Gosto Sample Stacks &
Heat Sealable Bags

Gosto Sample Stacks &
Heat Sealable Bags Assembled

Learn about the Gosto Sample System

Interested?  Go to Gosto Rewards to learn more!

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