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Tong 4 Pack.png

Tong! Jerky 4pk

The story of Tong Jerky started back in 2010 when the founders were in college together in Los Angeles. They traveled extensively looking for the best meat product to eat, which is how they discovered biltong, a traditional South African cured meat snack similar to beef jerky. In 2016 the pair was finally inspired to bring their own biltong inspired beef jerky to the masses. They did this by combining the best features of biltong with traditional American beef jerky. This led to years of research and experimenting with various techniques and flavors in order to manufacture the finest product possible. In 2018 they finalized what they consider to be the perfect twist to this American classic. The result is an exemplary combination of taste and texture, coupled with a blend of spices that have been 30 years in the making. Tong’s mission is to deliver a high quality soft and flavorful steak jerky for everyone to enjoy.

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Mom's 4.png

Mom's Munchies 4pk

Real Ingredients. Amazing Taste. It's That Simple. I want Mom’s to bring you back to your childhood memories of the treats you enjoyed but with better for you ingredients that everyone can enjoy! A memory, a sense of belonging, a happy moment in a busy world. I created Mom’s when I was having some health issues which later was diagnosed as Celiac Disease. I needed a snack I could digest that would give me the energy and nutrients my body craved. They also had to be Gluten Free, Low in natural sugar, and Dairy Free with clean ingredients to sustain me throughout the day. When I couldn’t find it at the stores, I decided to go into the kitchen and create it! I decided to make it my mission to start a company that could make a difference in people’s lives by giving them a healthy and delicious alternative snack. Mom’s Munchies has grown from a small, at-home kitchen to a production kitchen, with my son Craig joining me in Mom’s Munchies' mission to make healthy snacks. We still make everything from scratch with many munchie makers who put a dash of love into every batch of cookies, bars or dessert cakes. We will always be a company that strives to be the very best we can be creating snacks with the highest quality organic and natural ingredients for everyone to enjoy! I hope we create a happy moment in your busy lives that puts a SMILE on your face! Kids are a passion for Mom’s Munchies -- we give back by donating to the backpack program in our community so that no child goes home for the weekend without food and snacks. Also, we donate to other childhood hunger programs.

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Zax 4 Pack.png

Zax Snax 4pk

We know how frustrating it can be…We grew up eating very healthy, but very boring foods. This drove Zach to create our original flavor. We understand the struggle of shopping to find a balance between healthy and delicious when it comes to snacks. With over a decade and thousands of happy and healthy customers we are still on a mission to spread the tasty word of Zax Snax.

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R33 5.png

Recipe 33 5pk

With more than 20 years of experience in the food industry, the team behind RECIPE 33 has always come up with new ideas to improve products we consume every day. When we joined forces as MBA teammates at the University of Washington, the opportunity arose to innovate an old-fashioned industry with a simple mission: clean hands. Through a unique process, we discovered a way to infuse nuts with natural flavors, using real ingredients. None of the artificial seasoning found in regular flavored nuts, and none of the mess. We created our signature infused almonds and RECIPE 33 was born. We believe our unique approach benefits consumers and retailers by improving the quality of food we all consume in our busy lives.

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