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Honey Bunchies - Longmont, CO
  • Honey Bunchies - Longmont, CO


    "Gluten, grain and soy free, non-GMO gourmet nutrition bar made with 42% honey."

    Shipping: Flat rate $9.99

    Opening Order Discounts: n/a

    Minimum Order: n/a

    Case Cost: $20.76 (12 units per case)

    Unit Cost: $1.73

    SRP: $2.89

    Number of Flavors: 2

    Top Sellers: Peanut pecan, coconut

    Shelf Life: 7 Months

    • ABOUT Honey Bunchies


      Ed Payne marries Jennifer (whom he called his "Honey Bunchie,") after returning from a tour in Vietnam where he served as an F-4 fighter pilot.


      Armed with only his memory and household ingredients, Ed experiments for 3 months to try and recreate the flavor of Jen's snack from 1974. In the process, he creates the first-ever "Honey Bunchie" bar.

      Ed creates Honey Bunchie, LLC. He waits to submit the paperwork until Feb 28 ("Honey Bunchies Day,") to correspond with his anniversary with Jennifer. Now they have two reasons to celebrate this day!

      FEBRUARY 28, 2010

      MARCH 2010

      Ed finds a sketch of a bee that his daughter drew in 1980! He adds wings, stripes, and antennae, creating make the Honey Bunchies mascots!

      Ed creates the original packaging, designs the machinery, creates the bars, manages the bookkeeping, AND sells them. He gets very little sleep.



      Ed's son (Edward) returns from Active Duty. Edward and Jennifer join the company, allowing Ed to finally sleep.

      Ed, Edward, and Jennifer start selling Honey Bunchies door-to-door, followed by stopping into local independent grocers in the Denver area. Their hard work is rewarded when Whole Foods decides to carry Honey Bunchies!



      Ed's daughter, Kendra, joins the company making it a fully family-run business!

      Through Demos and word-of-mouth, Honey Bunchies spreads city-wide, the regionally, then nationally!



      Honey Bunchies introduces a new 1.4oz size of our original Gourmet Honey Bar in beautiful new packaging that ties in Ed's original artwork.

      Honey Bunchies is selected as a top 100 brand out of 1,200 applicants for consideration in 7-Eleven's Brands w/❤ campaign. And oh boy, have we got heart!



      Honey Bunchies goes international! Trolley convenience stores pick up Honey Bunchies in Kuwait.

      Honey Bunchies Day is extra-special this year! Feb 28th commemorates Ed & Jen's 50th wedding anniversary and Honey Bunchie, LLC's 10th anniversary!



      The launch of our first ever new flavor of Honey Bunchies! Honey Bunchies Gourmet Honey Bar, Coconut Almond becomes available online and at several amazing retailers. At last, we have an option for our dairy free, peanut free friends and a new flavor for our long-time fans!

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